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Some Birds video – from The Rugs Are Alive!

The Rugs – Some Birds video

released July 2010

From the Album The Rugs – Are Alive!, this album was recorded live at The Studio in Springfield, MO in February 2010

The Rugs – Are Alive!

The Rugs – Are Alive! (Live at The Studio)

released July 2010

Recorded by Dan Selim at The Studio. Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Eric Schuchmann.  Artwork by Eric Schuchmann.

This album was recorded in February 2010 at The Studio in Springfield, Missouri USA. The Rugs and Matthew Darkly performed as part of  the launch party for moodringrecords.com.


Appearing on this album: Matthew Darkly -vocals, Eric Schuchmann – guitar, Richie Rebuth – guitar, Lou Whitney – bass guitar, D. Clinton Thompson – drums, Donnie Kraft – keys.

Magic 8 Ball

The Rugs – Magic 8 Ball

released November 2008\

All song written by Matt Dampier
Recorded at The Studio in Springfield, MO.
Producded, Recorded, and Mastered by Eric Schuchmann
Mixed by Lou Whitney and Eric Schuchmann
Appearing on this Single:
Matthew Darkly – Vocals
Eric Schuchmann – Guitar
Richie Rebuth – Guitar
Lou Whitney – Bass Guitar
Brian Azavedo – Drums
Donnie Kraft – Keys

Mp3: Magic 8 Ball


First up I’ve got some BIG shows to announce:

  • The Guns – Thursday February 4th @ Lindberg’s (Springfield, MO) – This is part of The TAG Magazine monthly showcase. This will be The Guns first show, and first chance to buy a copy of the album.
  • The Rugs  and Matthew Darkly – Saturday February 20th @ The Studio (Springfield, MO) – We’re going to be filming and recording this show for future releases. If you’re going to be in SGF that day drop us a line at info@moodringrecords.com, we’ll try and get you in the audience.
  • The Rugs and Chuck Berry – Saturday March 27 @ The Pageant (Saint Louis, MO) – This is a thrill and honor to play such a great venue and open for such a legend. We couldn’t be more excited!

Next, The Guns Silencer EP is now available for download on Amazon.com and Emusic.com (More stores including iTunes to follow in the upcoming weeks)

I have a new Moodring’s song almost done. I’ll probably post it this week. This is the third song Matt and I have put together for this project. When we get a few more done we’ll be releasing it as an EP.

Lou Whitney and Donnie Thompson’s album “Book Of Matthew Darkly” is about halfway mixed. I hope to have it out in March. It’s coming together nicely. If you haven’t heard the song’s I leaked check them out here.

The Rugs – El Demo

The Rugs – El Demo

never released to public

All songs written by Matthew Darkly
Recorded by Eric Schuchmann
Appearing on these demos are:
Matthew Darkly – Vocals, Guitar
Eric Schuchmann – Guitar

These songs were recorded post first album  pre second album. Matt and I got together at the studio one afternoon and knocked out 13 demos  only4 of them went on to make it on the second record. I didn’t post a few because the album versions turned out more accurate to what we envisioned.

Mp3: Traded The Daylight

Mp3: Get It Right

Mp3: Kitchen Door

Mp3: Breakin’ My Arms

Mp3: String

Mp3: Cut You Down

Mp3: Go To Your Own Place

Mp3: Let Sumthin Happen

Mp3: Don’t Be A Stanger (I’m Down The Hall)

Mp3: You’re All Going The Wrong Way

The Rugs turn 4!

When I was digging through our archives I found a disc of The Rugs first Demo. It was marked November 12, 2005. This is The Rugs first demo with the original line up of Matthew Darkly, Eric Schuchmann, and Jimi Schuchmann.  We used this demo to  initially get  people interested in working on an album project.

Anyways, this means The Rugs have now turned 4!

MP3: See My Baby Move – Demohttps://moodringrecords.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/see-my-baby-demo.mp3

MP3: People Know – Demohttps://moodringrecords.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/people-know-demo.mp3

The Rugs – unreleased live audio and video

Back on January 31 2008 The Rugs played at The Patton Alley Pub in Springfield, MO for a birthday bash. We knew it was gonna be a heck of a show so we rolled audio tape to capture the event. Royalwood Video Productions filmed the set as well. You can find the video on our Vimeo page.

We’re very happy with the way the show turned out. We had a blast celebrating our birthdays and playing for our friends. These songs don’t appear on either Rugs record.

MP3: Angry Itcheshttps://moodringrecords.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/angry-itches.mp3

MP3: Some Birdshttps://moodringrecords.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/some-birds.mp3

MP3: Magic 8 Ballhttps://moodringrecords.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/magic-8-ball.mp3

Video: Finish Up My Drinks Video

Video: Throw A Fit Video