The Rugs – El Demo

The Rugs – El Demo never released to public All songs written by Matthew Darkly Recorded by Eric Schuchmann Appearing on these demos are: Matthew Darkly – Vocals, Guitar Eric Schuchmann – Guitar These songs were recorded post first album  pre second album. Matt and I got together at the studio one afternoon and knockedContinue reading “The Rugs – El Demo”

The Rugs turn 4!

When I was digging through our archives I found a disc of The Rugs first Demo. It was marked November 12, 2005. This is The Rugs first demo with the original line up of Matthew Darkly, Eric Schuchmann, and Jimi Schuchmann.  We used this demo to  initially get  people interested in working on an albumContinue reading “The Rugs turn 4!”

The Manhattan Project… deep from the archive

I’ve been digging deep in the archive and I found something almost no one has heard… WARNING THERE MIGHT BE A REASON WHY!!! Eric wrote: My first band The Manhattan Project set out to record an album in the summer of 2002.  It was the day after I graduated high school, we loaded up theContinue reading “The Manhattan Project… deep from the archive”

Painted By An Elephant

These songs were recorded by our good friend Charlie Coyne. He recorded these while he was attending school in Saginaw Michigan. He’s in school to become a surgeon and has been traveling around the country for the last few years getting his degree.  I didn’t have anything do with recording these tracks but I didContinue reading “Painted By An Elephant”

The Rugs – unreleased live audio and video

Back on January 31 2008 The Rugs played at The Patton Alley Pub in Springfield, MO for a birthday bash. We knew it was gonna be a heck of a show so we rolled audio tape to capture the event. Royalwood Video Productions filmed the set as well. You can find the video on ourContinue reading “The Rugs – unreleased live audio and video”

New Angry Panda songs

A few months ago I recorded Timmy Miano aka Angry Panda at The Studio. We made a 11 song acoustic record. You can check out all the tracks and some of Timmy’s other projects at Mono Americano Records. Timmy and I use to be in a punk band called The Walnut Street Gang, you canContinue reading “New Angry Panda songs”

The Guns – Silencer EP

The Guns – Silencer EP released October 2009 Produced, recorded, and mastered by Eric Schuchmann Mixed by Lou Whitney and Eric Schuchman Recorded at The Studio in Springfield, MO All songs written by Eric Schuchmann and Trent Wilson. Artwork by Kara Remington Appearing on this album: Trent Wilson – Vocals, Guitar; Eric Schuchmann – Guitar,Continue reading “The Guns – Silencer EP”

MRR Single – The Boogeymen

The Boogeymen released November 2009 All songs written by Trent Wilson Recorded at The Studio in Springfield, MO Recorded, Produced, and Mastered by Eric Schuchmann Mixed by Lou Whitney and Eric Schuchmann Appearing on these singles: Diablo Maximus-Lead Guitar Sid Sin Ister-Drums Mummy Holly-Bass The Captain-Theramin, El Hombre Con No Nombre-Guitar Switchblade Skulletto-Acoustic Guitar ElContinue reading “MRR Single – The Boogeymen”