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Matthew Darkly – Mute Rages

Matthew Darkly – Mute Rages

released January 2010

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Matthew Darkly

MRR and Mathew Darkly’s first release of 2010 is Mute Rages, a 10 song album made over winter break.  It’s my first nomination for album of the year!

Mp3: Mute Rages

Mp3: Titanium Ring

Mp3: Him & The Whole School

Mp3: Normal Everyday Waste

Mp3: Heart Of Grime

Mp3: Middle Of The Show

Mp3: Let Me Row

Mp3: One Damn Jacket

Mp3: Undercooked

Mp3: Little Part

Bye Bye 2009 Hello 2010!

Well my holiday vacation has been extended a bit. I won’t be posting till after the first of the year, but thanks to TAG magazine for nominating Lou and Donnie’s cover of  Matthew Darkly’s song Crazy Daisy in their best of 2009.

Check back after the first, we’ll have a bunch of new stuff for you including some show announcements.

Moodring Records

No new posts until next week.

Well in the spirit of  the approaching holiday I’m taking a few days away from the computer. Believe me there’s still plenty of stuff in the archive I could post and I will, all in due time my friends. But first I must get caught up on my Christmas shopping and begin the tour of Christmas parties.

Have a nice pre-holiday weekend everyone!

Moodring Records

Matthew Darkly – Matthew Darkly

Matthew Darkly – Matthew Darkly

released June 2007

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Matthew Darkly

It’s 10 songs with a more dance/electronic sound. At the time this was his first project stepping away from the guitar and embracing the keyboard more. Since then he’s gone on to use keyboards in a lot of his songs.

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Where Is Your Man

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Simulated Lover

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Love the Day

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Gotta Ride

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Grab A Phone

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Every Noose

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Her Ears Ring

MP3: Matthew Darkly – You Walk Away

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Made Of Light

MP3: Matthew Darkly – Don’t Wanna Be Around

Book of Matthew Darkly – 2 tracks leaked

Since a few people have been asking to hear them, I decided to leak the first 2 mixes from the upcoming “Book of Matthew Darkly” album by Lou Whitney and Donnie Thompson.  In this project the two of them recorded covers of Matt’s songs based on Matt’s demos.

MP3:Carrie’s Setting Sun

MP3: Crazy Daisy

Matthew Darkly – Ghost Vibration EP

Matthew Darkly – Ghost Vibrations

released July 2009

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Matthew Darkly

I love the title track, it’s about when you think your cell phone is going off in your

pocket but it’s not it’s just a ghost vibration.

Mp3: Ghost Vibration

Mp3: In My Topsiders

Mp3: I’m A Hitman

Mp3: Why Do You Look Like You’ve Seen The Devil

Mp3: I Don’t Wanna Dream Right Now

Matthew Darkly – Golden Conductor EP

Matthew Darkly – Golden Conductor

released May 2008

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Matthew Darkly

This album was recorded in a one bedroom apartment in Kansas. The song “Sweet Tooth” is about Matthew’s run in with a root canal procedure.  “This Street Again” is about quitting a job.

Mp3: Wake Up Dead

Mp3: Be Found

Mp3: Sweet Tooth

Mp3: Somewhere Cold

Matthew Darkly – Silverfish EP

Matthew Darkly – Silverfish

released December 2008

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Matthew Darkly

Matt sent this to me on Christmas Eve. It’s one of my favorites because of the complexity of the noises and rhythms he used.

Mp3: Silverfish

Mp3: Buried Alive

Mp3: Heaven Its Gone

Mp3: Cadaver Dog

Mp3: Broken Bone

Matthew Darkly – Wicked Vacancy EP

Matthew Darkly – Wicked Vacancy

released April 2009

All songs written, produced, and recorded by Matthew Darkly

This EP was recording by Matt up at the Darkly Manor with his trusty 8 track recorder. Matt wrote these songs after reading “To Kill A Mocking Bird” 6 times for work. Needless to say themes from the book appear in these songs.

Mp3: Deathbed

Mp3: Weak Concept Of Death

Mp3: Wicked Vacancy

Mp3: Shut The Blinds

Mp3: Scattered Remains