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Back in the Studio…

This week Eric is headed back to The Studio to finish up a the first full length Matthew Darkly album.

We also hope to get the album artwork wrapped up on the Lou Whitney and D. Clinton Thompson album “The Book of Matthew” sometime this week.

In other news, congratulations to Matthew Darkly and his wife on the birth of their first child. Avery Darkly was born July 28, 2010.

and were back!

Sorry for the loooooooooooong delay folks. We moved Moodring Record headquarters to Wright City, MO.  In the mean time we’ve been working hard to finish up some new releases.  Here’s a  list of what were working on:

Lou & Donnie Inc – Book Of Matthew Darkly – Matthew Darkly songs performed by Donnie Thompson and Lou Whitney of The Skeletons/The Morells.

The Rugs – Are Alive – A live album recorded February 2010 @ The Studio in Springfield, MO.

The Rugs – Are Alive (For One Night Only) Live DVD – Live DVD of our show recorded February 2010 @ The Studio in Springfield, MO.

Matthew Darkly – Matthew Darkly – Matthew’s first solo studio album. Performed by Matthew Darkly and Eric Schuchmann

In other new The Rugs opened for Chuck Berry on March 27 at The Pageant in St. Louis MO. A youtube user USbomb99 caught “Can’t Make A Scene” on tape. Here’s a few pictures.


First up I’ve got some BIG shows to announce:

  • The Guns – Thursday February 4th @ Lindberg’s (Springfield, MO) – This is part of The TAG Magazine monthly showcase. This will be The Guns first show, and first chance to buy a copy of the album.
  • The Rugs  and Matthew Darkly – Saturday February 20th @ The Studio (Springfield, MO) – We’re going to be filming and recording this show for future releases. If you’re going to be in SGF that day drop us a line at, we’ll try and get you in the audience.
  • The Rugs and Chuck Berry – Saturday March 27 @ The Pageant (Saint Louis, MO) – This is a thrill and honor to play such a great venue and open for such a legend. We couldn’t be more excited!

Next, The Guns Silencer EP is now available for download on and (More stores including iTunes to follow in the upcoming weeks)

I have a new Moodring’s song almost done. I’ll probably post it this week. This is the third song Matt and I have put together for this project. When we get a few more done we’ll be releasing it as an EP.

Lou Whitney and Donnie Thompson’s album “Book Of Matthew Darkly” is about halfway mixed. I hope to have it out in March. It’s coming together nicely. If you haven’t heard the song’s I leaked check them out here.

No new posts until next week.

Well in the spirit of  the approaching holiday I’m taking a few days away from the computer. Believe me there’s still plenty of stuff in the archive I could post and I will, all in due time my friends. But first I must get caught up on my Christmas shopping and begin the tour of Christmas parties.

Have a nice pre-holiday weekend everyone!

Moodring Records

The Rugs turn 4!

When I was digging through our archives I found a disc of The Rugs first Demo. It was marked November 12, 2005. This is The Rugs first demo with the original line up of Matthew Darkly, Eric Schuchmann, and Jimi Schuchmann.  We used this demo to  initially get  people interested in working on an album project.

Anyways, this means The Rugs have now turned 4!

MP3: See My Baby Move – Demo

MP3: People Know – Demo

Moodring Records launch music blog and MATTHEW DARKLY.

This week brings the launch of two very important things here at Moodring Records. The first is our new NEWS BLOG. We’ll using this page to keep you up to date on our artists and releases. We hope to bring you a deeper look at the artists and the story behind their work.

The Second is Matthew Darkly’s first two shows. The first two Matthew Darkly shows will be in Springfield, MO. The first on Friday June 5 at Patton Alley Pub, and the second at Lindberg’s on Saturday June 6.

If you’re new to MOODRING RECORDS:

To bring you up to speed, Moodring Records is an independent record label based in Missouri. It’s run by Matthew Darkly and Eric Schuchmann. Our website is designed and managed by Jimi Schuchmann. We are still early in our adolescent stages as a website as well as a record label. We have more ideas, plans, and projects than time to properly update our site. However, we are working on a major overhaul with new content, pictures, and videos.

Currently Moodring Records is host to 3 bands, Matthew Darkly, The Rugs, and The Guns. We have a singles submission series called “MRR Singles” where we releases 1-2 songs from an artist. We also host a few albums by bands that no longer exist like: Walnut Street Gang and The Filthy Thirds.