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Book of Matthew Darkly – 2 tracks leaked

Since a few people have been asking to hear them, I decided to leak the first 2 mixes from the upcoming “Book of Matthew Darkly” album by Lou Whitney and Donnie Thompson.  In this project the two of them recorded covers of Matt’s songs based on Matt’s demos.

MP3:Carrie’s Setting Sun

MP3: Crazy Daisy

The Manhattan Project… deep from the archive

I’ve been digging deep in the archive and I found something almost no one has heard… WARNING THERE MIGHT BE A REASON WHY!!!

Eric wrote:

My first band The Manhattan Project set out to record an album in the summer of 2002.  It was the day after I graduated high school, we loaded up the van and went to Kirksville, MO. Although we had previously spent months recording in our basement (which is how I began this journey) this was the first time any of us had been in a recording studio.

We stayed there a week practicing everyday above a dive bar called The Aquadome and recorded every night at this studio in the back of a music store. It was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, although after the album was recorded the band split up. We realized we all wanted to do different things musically and we were attending different colleges in MO.  As a result we never released the album.

The Manhattan Project was:

Ringo Keener – Vocals

Jeremy Rootz – Guitar

Jimi Schuchmann – Drums

Andrew Wagner – Bass Guitar

Eric Schuchmann – Guitar

Mp3: So It Goes

This second track is possibly the first home recording I ever did. It’s also the Manhattan Project, I used a combination of Mini disc recorders, and computers to make a multi-track recording rig and then edited them together in Vegas.  This probably took me a month or two to finish…

MP3: Rain In Rome

Painted By An Elephant

Painted By An ElephantThese songs were recorded by our good friend Charlie Coyne. He recorded these while he was attending school in Saginaw Michigan. He’s in school to become a surgeon and has been traveling around the country for the last few years getting his degree.  I didn’t have anything do with recording these tracks but I did master them once they were submitted.

MP3: Goodbye Helena

MP3: I am I am

MP3: Home Again

MP3: Say Hello

New Angry Panda songs

A few months ago I recorded Timmy Miano aka Angry Panda at The Studio. We made a 11 song acoustic record. You can check out all the tracks and some of Timmy’s other projects at Mono Americano Records. Timmy and I use to be in a punk band called The Walnut Street Gang, you can find some of our old records on The Moodring Records Site.

MP3: Green Like Me

MP3: Hoverbike

MP3: Down and Out

MRR Single – The Boogeymen

The Boogeymen

released November 2009

All songs written by Trent Wilson
Recorded at The Studio in Springfield, MO
Recorded, Produced, and Mastered by Eric Schuchmann
Mixed by Lou Whitney and Eric Schuchmann
Appearing on these singles:
Diablo Maximus-Lead Guitar
Sid Sin Ister-Drums
Mummy Holly-Bass
The Captain-Theramin,
El Hombre Con No Nombre-Guitar
Switchblade Skulletto-Acoustic Guitar
El Coyote de la Muerte-Keys

MP3: Hang ‘Em High

MP3: Haddon Feild

MP3: Danger Diabolic