Lou Whitney & D. Clinton Thompson

Producer/Engineer and bass player Lou Whitney and guitar hero D. Clinton Thompson teamed up to make “The Book Of Matthew”. D Clinton Thompson hates to see a good song go to waste. With a handful of protégée Matthew Darkly’s demos that never quite fit in anywhere else, and longtime creative partner Lou Whitney at the helm, Thompson set out to make an album of quirky heart-breaking ballads and dark, but sugar-sweet pop songs. They find the place where Burt Bacharach and Alice Cooper meet, and it’s good to be there. All instruments but the bass guitar were played by D. Clinton Thompson. Lou covered the bass. The vocals were all sang by D. Clinton Thompson  except background parts on  “Get  A Phone” (sang by Cindy Woolf), “Love Like Medicine”, and “Moon Was A Lie” (both sang by Matt Carlock).

cassette drawing 1 DISCOGRAPHY


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