Angry Panda’s “Hoverbikes” re-released on Zero Youth Records.

Angry Panda’s album “Hoverbikes” has been re-released on Zero Youth Records.

Moodring Records originally recorded the album in 2009 but did not release it as a full length, instead we released a few tracks in our “rarities” section. You can buy a copy on CdBaby, iTunes, or from

Here a re few sample tracks:

MP3: Green Like Me

MP3: Hoverbike

MP3: Down and Out

Published by Mood Ring Records

We're an independent Record label based in Missouri. We house some great Garage Rock bands such as The Rugs, The Guns, and Matthew Darkly. We're an underfunded , over worked group of recording engineers/musicians with a passion for music and a need to pass it on to the masses.

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