and were back!

Sorry for the loooooooooooong delay folks. We moved Moodring Record headquarters to Wright City, MO.  In the mean time we’ve been working hard to finish up some new releases.  Here’s a  list of what were working on:

Lou & Donnie Inc – Book Of Matthew Darkly – Matthew Darkly songs performed by Donnie Thompson and Lou Whitney of The Skeletons/The Morells.

The Rugs – Are Alive – A live album recorded February 2010 @ The Studio in Springfield, MO.

The Rugs – Are Alive (For One Night Only) Live DVD – Live DVD of our show recorded February 2010 @ The Studio in Springfield, MO.

Matthew Darkly – Matthew Darkly – Matthew’s first solo studio album. Performed by Matthew Darkly and Eric Schuchmann

In other new The Rugs opened for Chuck Berry on March 27 at The Pageant in St. Louis MO. A youtube user USbomb99 caught “Can’t Make A Scene” on tape. Here’s a few pictures.

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We're an independent Record label based in Missouri. We house some great Garage Rock bands such as The Rugs, The Guns, and Matthew Darkly. We're an underfunded , over worked group of recording engineers/musicians with a passion for music and a need to pass it on to the masses.

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  1. You guys (The Rugs) did a great job supporting us. The audience inside the Pageant remained captivated the ENTIRE time you were on stage and that’s really important. It proves you had material they liked and wanted to hear more of. We have seen many bands that lose the crowds interest within the first minute of them taking the stage and that’s the difference between filler bands and you guys.

    I expect to keep hearing and seeing more of The Rugs in the future. Keep your legs breaking!

  2. Thanks a lot, I think the crowd had a great energy that night. We really enjoyed playing the show and getting to see the three generations of your family on stage! Thanks for letting us be apart of the great night. Please let us know if there’s ever another show we can be of assistance on in the future.

    Eric Schuchmann

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