Moodring Records launch music blog and MATTHEW DARKLY.

This week brings the launch of two very important things here at Moodring Records. The first is our new NEWS BLOG. We’ll using this page to keep you up to date on our artists and releases. We hope to bring you a deeper look at the artists and the story behind their work.

The Second is Matthew Darkly’s first two shows. The first two Matthew Darkly shows will be in Springfield, MO. The first on Friday June 5 at Patton Alley Pub, and the second at Lindberg’s on Saturday June 6.

If you’re new to MOODRING RECORDS:

To bring you up to speed, Moodring Records is an independent record label based in Missouri. It’s run by Matthew Darkly and Eric Schuchmann. Our website is designed and managed by Jimi Schuchmann. We are still early in our adolescent stages as a website as well as a record label. We have more ideas, plans, and projects than time to properly update our site. However, we are working on a major overhaul with new content, pictures, and videos.

Currently Moodring Records is host to 3 bands, Matthew Darkly, The Rugs, and The Guns. We have a singles submission series called “MRR Singles” where we releases 1-2 songs from an artist. We also host a few albums by bands that no longer exist like: Walnut Street Gang and The Filthy Thirds.

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We're an independent Record label based in Missouri. We house some great Garage Rock bands such as The Rugs, The Guns, and Matthew Darkly. We're an underfunded , over worked group of recording engineers/musicians with a passion for music and a need to pass it on to the masses.

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